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To install a water heater or not, that is the question

The Rebel Heart already has a water heater, that being an engine driven system that works well enough. But that doesn't seem that practical to me because running your engine all the time is ineffecient and will hurt your engine over the long run. Not only that, but it just seems kind of... lame, for lack of a better word.

The only type of hot water heater I've been interested in as of late is the Dickinson Marine Double Water Coil:|6880|48311|324055&id=656194

Which will apparently hold 20 gallons of water and keep it nice and warm, or as warm as the heater can get it. In order to install this, I'm looking at roughly $700 for a heater + $70 for the coils + $100 for a tank and some cables.

In addition to having some hot water, I also get the benefit of having some of that heat piped into the hanging locker, for example, making it a bit easier to dry out clothes. Maybe even put a small radiator in the V, but I don't want to chop up the interior needlessly if it isn't going to make a big difference.

The problems with this plan:

  • It costs $1000. The worse part about this is that I already have a heater, so I'd be rebuying something needlessly.
  • Freshwater is a delicate resource, and I don't want to install something that lets you shower from the fresh water tanks.
  • It involves a lot of work that could go elsewhere.
  • For showering, it doesn't solve the problem of pressurizing (delivering) the water, which then gets into accumulator tanks, pump, and more power.

I think I'm going to try the Linn & Larry method of using a garden sprayer. For under $80, I've got something that I can try out, and I wont feel like a total idiot if it doesn't pan out so well.

One thing I've learned about showering on a boat is that you shouldn't try to mimic your home based showering facility on a boat. It's an excercise in futility for starters, and you really don't need it. Well, if you're doing a land job and living on the boat that might be a different story, but I'll talk about that in another article.



Sun Harbor Marina Swap Meet

It's 11:41pm, and I woke up at 5:30am to get over to the Sun Harbor swap meet. It wasn't the most amazing one in the world, which is actually coming up in two weeks. Part of the reason I wasn't too eager to pick anything up is because the Chula Vista swap meet is one of the better ones in Southern California, and I'm sure there will be some better deals down there.

But regardless, here's what I got:

  • 20lb propane tank with overflow thingy for $20 (list price is around $200).
  • Generic marine stabalized binoculars with case for $20 (list is around $80).
  • Cockpit line and utility bags that mount on the lifelines for $10 (buying the same stuff from West Marine would have cost me $100) I'm sure.

Although not at the swap meet, I did swing by West Marine to pick up some sun glasses, and I grabbed some neat stuff on sale there too:

  • $60 woman's fleece vest for $16.
  • $110 GPS for $50.

All in all I saved around $400 - $500 dollars today, simply by waiting to get what I need and picking it up on sale. A gentleman on a boat near ours reminded me that not only do you have to go to the swap meets, but you need to go often and early.

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