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Visits with Friends ~ San Diego June 2013 Edition

When I got into San Diego, almost the first thing I did was go see my friend, and amazing hair stylist, Karen. She has cut my hair since 1996. To say I missed her while in Mexico (and all the other times I've lived abroad) is an understatement. She immediately got me feeling awesome again. Thank you Karen!

Next up on our must-visit list? My brother Rich. I love you Rich.

The reunion of Wes and Cora was sweet indeed. I missed our friends. Ella and Gray. We may be sailing around the world soon, but you are not going to be able to get rid of us for long. I just know it.

We got to introduce Lyra to one set of her grandparents, Eric's parents, Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Lou.

And then Lizz and Beau gave us our first "adult night" since Lyra was born. This was accomplished by parking Cora in front of a couple of episodes of My Little Pony, strapping Lyra into my Tula, and enjoying an incredible home-cooked meal, and a long night of conversation and drinks, coupled with....

Playing Cards Against Humanity. If you haven't played this game yet, strap on your big-kid panties, imbibe something potent, and play it with some whip-smart friends. 

Reconnections with old friends. Lyra fell in love with my friend, Erin, from Point Loma High School (class of '97!)

My wonderful friend Kristine. One of the reasons why we came to San Diego was for Kristine and Jack's wedding.

Happy, happy day Kristine and Jack. 

Our friends Dan and Renee have made us dinner several nights and always make us feel at home. One of the great things about having friends with kids the same age as your own? You connect on so many levels. It's a special bond of sleep-deprived parents of toddlers.

And last, but not least, much time with the girl's "Mimi," or, my friend Mele, Lyra and Cora's godmother.

(Please note how sweet Cora is holding Lyra's hand. She does this of her own accord any chance she can get.)

It feels so good to be back home. We've missed our friends. So grateful for this chance to see them before we go back to Mexico and then across the South Pacific.

Reader Comments (1)

Great post, great pictures. Lyra seems so alert and aware. I have been meaning to tell you that in the picture of Eric reading to the girls, Lyra actually seems to be following along in the book. Both of your girls seem so remarkable. Thank you both for the healthy way you are raising them, good food, non-smoking and such attentativeness. And thank you so much for giving these girls the experiences they are having on this trip.

I was watching a movie last night and had to get up and leave the room. It sparked some memories and I had the most acute attack of missing all of you kids (and your families). I went into the bedroom and cried like a little kid. I was missing you all so much. I haven't cried like that since each of you guys left home. I think leaving Rose and her family back in Illinois had something to do with it. That is an interesting reversal of me (and Grace) leaving one of my kids back there in "our" home.
I spoke to Rich the other day, also. I almost cried during that conversation.

(Sigh, exhale, cleansing breath) Life here has been not much more than opening boxes and building shelves. Last night, however I took my first step into the community since returning here. We live just a little over a mile from the plaza. There was a lecture at the Kit Carson home and museum and I went. While I was there, a guy came up to me and offered his hand and said Hello Rocky, thanks for coming. After he left I asked the guy next to me if he knew who that was. He told me that was Wayne Rutherford (the contractor Grace and I talked to last year.) After the lecture I went up to him and started chatting. Come to find out, he lives just a quarter of a mile further up Kit Carson Rd. We are practically neighbors. My first real interation with a fellow Taoseno, (hmm no way to insert a tilde) since we have returned.

We have been out to the property only once. We have decided to get moved in, really moved in, before we expend any energy on the new house. I do have a Road Maintenance Association meeting this week. Pay our dues take care of a little RMA business, yadda-yadda-yadda. I will be reconnecting with two of our neighbors, (that is a relative term). One of them lives two properties over and the other several miles away at the very end of our road. Their house sits right on the edge of the gorge. You should see the view from their living room. Their names are Steve and Karen.

Grace has to go down to Houston for 11 days to sit with her parents. Grace's sister needed a little respite and is taking an RV trip to Southern Colorado, not far from here. I will be baching it. I am not to happy about that. We are like a couple of young newlyweds. We hate being away from each other. Come November we will have been maried for 8 years!

I miss you so much. I miss not being able to cement a relationship with Eric and the girls. If you are ever in the Gulf of Mexico just sail on up the Rio Grande and tie up at the John Dunn landing. Ha, he is remembered as "Juan Largo". Crack me up. I saw a road the other day named Tio Alberto, (We're so sorry, Uncle Albert, but we haven't done a single thing all day.) That one may be lost on you. It is a Beetles' song.

Oh, I heard a song the other day you have got to listen to (digging in the waste can) it is called "Wave over Wave" by Great Big Sea. They are an Irish group. I have only heard it once but I thought of Eric while listening to it. We will finish "Inferno" by Dan Brown tonight. There are a lot of twists at the end and we have just one chapter and the epilog left to read. We will finish just in time. I have to get Grace to ABQ for a Monday morning flight.

Well, I have probably eaten up all of your bytes or bandwidth or something. I think of you always. Via con Dios. el papa

July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRocky Morrisette

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